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Songs: Hung Up

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I'm not getting hung up over you. I'm being casual too.
It's very big and clever in a very modern way not to say the things that I really want to say,
But I'm not getting hung up over you at all
I'm not getting hung up over you, not waiting for you to call round or ring up out of the blue
I'm not thinking of ways we could meet, not planning to just so happen to be walking down your street.
I'm not getting hung up over you at all
I'm quite impressed that I've not got obsessed like I usually do.
I haven't even written a song about you.
I deny any suggestion that I've gone overboard.
I hardly know you at all, it's pushing it a bit to say we've even properly met.
How can there be a connection between us yet? How can I be getting hung up over you?
I'm not getting hung up over you. Not much.

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

This was written during the start of a relationship which didn't end well, but also marks the start of one that really DID, as it was the first time Mr Frankie Machine recorded anything with me - I went round to his house for him to play trumpet on it, and was STUNNED by how lovely it sounded.

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