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Pictures: Recording WE VALIDATE in Cornwall

These are all the pictures in this gallery. Click on an image to see them full size
We recorded the bulk of WE VALIDATE during one lovely week in Cornwall.Tom working out the arrangment to Mr Mark Ellis, our engineer for the week."IFrankie, IN THE BASS ZONE.The Validators have been here...IMaking some notes in The Book Of Ideas.Me wondering if itFretwork rewarded... with BEER.Mr Tim Pattison, driving a bass session.This was a "secret" picture on the album multimedia, showing Castle Valid as built by me and Tim.Frankie with The Book Of Ideas - probably writing something amazingly artistic, definitely not drawing pictures of penii.Updating the blog in the studioMe and Emma out in the greenery whilst everyone else sets up cameras for a Group Shot.Frankie standing in front of the conservatory, waiting for the group picture.Emma looks concerned as we listened to a mix.A visitor to the studio on our last day.Tim doing the BONGs on Listening to the Rough Mixes as they emerge.The Studio Game - completed.Me arriving back into Paddington, atter a week of ROCK.Preparing to bid farwell to The Studio Moustache.Back in Leicester Tom records his entry in The Moustache Competition for posterity.

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