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Blog: Like everything I had ever lost had come back

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Happy new year, one and all! As we enter the futuristic stardate of 2023 it has been very much ALL GO around here over the past 24 hours or so.

For LO! Wednesday began with the earth-shattering news that Allo Darlin' are coming back!. Allo Darlin' were (ARE!) one of my all-time favourite bands EVER and so I was VERY EXCITED INDEED about this, and also MOVED, in a gruff, manly way. I listened to their albums later on and can confirm they still a) are GRATE and b) always leave me feeling WISTFUL for a version of the past that didn't actually exiat, but feels like it was there - a time of wafting round London going to loads of amazing gigs every week, meeting lots of lovely people, and generally being GROOVY. I mean, that did happen A BIT, but perhaps not quite as much as it feels like it did whilst listening to "Silver Dollars". Unless it really WAS Indietracks every month?

As if that wasn't enough THRILLZ for one day, over in one of my OTHER "communities" there was huge news as Grant McCann was SACKED as manager of Peterborough United! I must confess I was quite pleased about this, as The Football has been pretty DULL of late. I don't mind going to see Posh lose - I am EXTREMELY USED to that - but I do object to it being BORING. But who would replace him? What incredible feat of recruitment had D McAnthony managed to pull off THIS time?

As Sky News, The Grass In My Groun and pretty much anybody else predicted, it was Darren Ferguson! For those who are sadly not informed about the comings and goings of Peterborough United FC, this will be his FOURTH time in charge of Posh, having last left eleven months ago. Grant McCann was only on his second go (third if you count a bit of caretaker managing), but I'm sure he'll be back soon enough. It is supremely DAFT, but hopefully it means things will at least be slightly more INTERESTING!

And after all that there were GIG THRILLZ for ME, but I shall save that for TOMORROW! For now I am off to live it up like it is the early 2010s again - see you on Myspace!

posted 5/1/2023 by MJ Hibbett

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