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Blog: An Epochal Day

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Friday was an EXCITING day for me, as it contained THREE (3) thrilling occurrences.

Firstly, I took delivery of the PHYSICAL MERCHANDISE for "The Unearthly Beauty Of MJ Hibbett". It's not boring old CDs or tedious vinyl or even delightful cassettes, but something ELSE which is going to contain all the usual album STUFF plus loads more. Full details will be in the next newsletter, it is going to be GRATE!

Secondly, I fought back against a deadly PLOY by Netflix. As mentioned previously I have been RACING against time to finish "The Sandman" and thus COMPLETE NETFLIX before my subscription ran out, and I was very pleased to have done so successfully at the start of last week. I then moved on to COMPLETING PARAMOUNT PLUS (i.e. watching the most recent series of Star Treks Strange New Worlds and Discovery) and was happily fulfilling this task when Netflix dropped a bombshell: TWO new episodes of Sandman!! The SWINES!

Luckily for me it turns out that it was actually two stories contained in one normal-sized episode, which I was able to get watched with a couple of HOURS to spare. It was a close-run thing but worth it as the episode(s) was/were inevtibaly FAB. Nice try though, Netflix!

THIRDLY, and perhaps even more EPOCHALLY than even both of the above, I signed a publishing contract! This was for a revised version of my PhD Thesis, which will be coming out next year (or possibly early 2024) from A Reputable Academic Publisher. I'm probably allowed to say who it is and everything but I'm not entirely sure so don't want to mess it up at this early stage, but suffice to say it is VERY exciting! The working title is "Heroes Of Multiple Worlds: an empirical model of transmedia character coherence" which, I'm sure you'll agree, is pretty much a shoe-in for a FILM ADAPTATION!

The next step is to actually WRITE it, as it's going to have a slightly different FOCUS to the PhD project, but I've got until May next year to do that, so it'll be a while before it actually comes out, but when it DOES I will be sure to let you know!

posted 22/8/2022 by MJ Hibbett

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