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Blog: Halfway There

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You find me typing this blog aware that I am HALFWAY THROUGH the Fringe! This seems incredible - surely we have only just got here? How can this ever end? Don't I just LIVE here?

Things have been very busy since last we communicated. On Wednesday we saw a whole heap of shows, with Chris Coltrane being the best, and did a Quiet Show again ourselves where people didn't laugh out loud much BUT clapped LOUDLY throughout and were very enthusiastic afterwards. As per, the fact that I can't see the audience's faces makes me PANIC and think they must be HATING it, I must try and remember that they DON'T!

Afterwards we went to Bannermans where TWO things happened. Firstly, as I entered, a lady saw my Prolapse t-shirt and said "UGH! Prolapse?!? Oh, is that a band name?" and smiled, pleased that that was sorted out. Then in the pub a member of barstaff got very excited to see my HOOP and we exchanged HOOPING thoughts. It was lovely!

After that I collected The Shows On My List, went to see a show that reminded me a LOT of the showcase we did after the stand-up comedy course (in good AND bad ways), then collected Steve and went for a curry at Red Fort. HOORAH!

Next day began with Steve and I heading into town bright and early to see Robin Ince, who was JOLLY good, full of FUN and DELIGHT. I then collected The Meals On My Menu from her breakfast and we went to see two excellent shows at Fingers Piano Bar - "She Wouldn't Dance With Another" and "Shit Girlfriend". They were GRATE!

At this point the aforesaid Wines On My Winelist and I split, her to go and see 2.75 other shows (0.75 of a show was one she didn't like and so left!) while I met with Steve to do our show to a HUGE audience. There were LOADS of people and there would have been even more if not for THE LAW: as I stood outside SMILING at people to make them come in (top flyering tip - this works!) about TWENTY people came in at once! Ten of them then LEFT about 15 seconds later as they had under-18s with them. Curse you, The Man!

The show was fab, helped along by us using the SONG SHEETS for the first time for SINGALONG action. It was also full of chums, not least the recently arrived Mrs S Hewitt, and a bunch of us went to Bannermans for our traditional BEERZ. It's a good tradition! However, by the time that had been done and I'd collected The Chums In My Gang from her last show i was KNACKERED, so we wended our way home for TEA. All this showbiz, it's EXHAUSTING!

posted 17/8/2015 by MJ Hibbett

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Yaay, it was all good on Friday that's for sure. And despite the bobbins weather, it was a good day out. I too went to see S**t Girlfriend and Laura (She Makes War) was on top form.
posted 17/8/2015 by Warren

Thanks for coming to see the show, MJ!
posted 28/8/2015 by Laura Kidd

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